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Here at MegaFlight Outdoors, we strive to be the best at everything. From waterfowl and wing shooting upland, to massive whitetail deer. MegaFlight Outdoors will strive to give you the experience of a lifetime as we pride ourselves in quality guides as well as providing outstanding accommodations for our clients. We go the extra mile to see to it your hunt is tailored to your groups specific needs. Packages available for elite Kansas guided hunts today!


Megaflight Outdoors offers a variety of guided hunting services, including waterfowl, deer, and turkey hunting, as well as customized hunts to meet specific needs or preferences. Fill out our online booking form to book a hunting experience with expert guides, high-quality equipment, and access to prime hunting grounds in the beautiful Kansas countryside.



When booking a guided hunt with Megaflight Outdoors in Pratt, Kansas, hunters can expect a professional, safe, and enjoyable hunting experience. The team at Megaflight Outdoors has extensive knowledge of the local wildlife and terrain, and they use high-quality equipment to give clients the best chance of a successful hunt. During the guided hunt, clients can expect to receive expert guidance and instruction, as well as access to prime hunting grounds in the beautiful Kansas countryside. Whether you’re hunting waterfowl, deer, or turkey, Megaflight Outdoors is committed to ensuring that clients have a memorable and productive experience. Overall, clients can expect a top-notch hunting adventure with a team of experienced guides who prioritize safety, professionalism, and customer satisfaction.¬†Packages available for elite Kansas guided hunts today!