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Nearest Airport

Pratt regional airport is the closest private runway, Wichita Dwight D. Eisenhower National Airport would be the closest commercial runway.

Hunting Clothing to Bring:

Upland clothing to bring: Orange attire with a vest to hold birds, glasses, hearing protection, and a good pair of walking boots. 

Whitetail attire: Orange vest and hat REQUIRED for muzzleloader and rifle. Your guide will contact you a few days in advance to run a game plan by you and discuss weather. 

Waterfowl hunting: Waders are a must, even if you aren’t retrieving ducks. Always bring extra layers, don’t underestimate the Kansas wind. NO ORANGE 

Teal/Dove: Waders are a must, Dress for warm weather lows in 60s highs could be in the 80s. Bring bug spray, and muck boots incase of inclement weather. 

Turkey: NO ORANGE, need camo top, bottoms, gloves, face mask and hat, expect mild weather, 50s- high 70s. 

Shot Sizes and Chokes:

Shot Size:

Duck (2-4 Steel/Tungsten)

Geese (1-BBB Steel/ Tungsten)

Pheasant/Chukar (4-5 Lead/Tungsten)

Quail (5-7 Lead/Tungsten)

Turkey (5-7 Tungsten/ Lead)


Quail- improved Cylinder, light mod, mod 

Pheasant/chukar- improved Cylinder, light mod, mod 

Dove- light mod, mod 

Teal- light mod, mod 

ducks- mod,full 


Turkey- full 

Required Licenses:

Kansas hunting license 

Hip stamp 

State waterfowl stamp 

Federal stamp

Turkey tag 

Deer tag

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Bag and Possession Limits:

Dove 15 daily  45 possession 

Teal 6 daily 18 possession 

Ducks 6 ducks, any combination of six ducks and/or mergansers which may include no more than five mallards (only two of which may be hens), three wood ducks, two redheads, two canvasbacks, one scaup and one pintail. Possession limit is 3 times the daily bag 

Canada’s 6 daily 18 possession 

Specks 2 daily 8 possession 

Snows 50 daily no possession 

Turkey 1 bearded Turkey

Deer 1 Buck 

Pheasant 4 cocks daily 

Quail  8 quail daily

Season Dates:


Are Client Dogs Allowed?

For waterfowl hunts we don’t NORMALLY allow client dogs however we might make an exception under certain circumstances. For Upland we do allow dogs on the Hunt but NOT in any of the lodges.

Is Lodging Included?

Meals and Lodging ($150) is included in all hunting packages, if you don’t need/want food and lodging, then we will subtract the $150.